We offer 2 primary options for personalizing codes:

1.  Select from lists of various frequencies to have your code Tailor Made.

2.  Select from one of 6 generic frequency combinations we have tailored.
Read about them here. 

This includes the popular Wi-Fi EMF Harmonizer Code for mobile devices.   Remember to let us know which of our vector wallpaper colours you like and what device size you have thanks.

Prices are for One Year of Encoding!

$15 - Wi Fi EMF Harmonizer
$20 - Food Harmonizer
$20 - Water Harmonizer
$30 - Tachyon Amplifier
$40 - Ray Protector
$50 - Golden Hero



Please use the QR widget below to produce your own individualized code for free.  (Scroll down for a visual background) 
To choose one of the following 6 frequencies please add it in the "Note" Box...
Food - Water - Tachyon - Ray - Wi-Fi EMF - Golden Hero

Choose the "Contact" type to specify your details

You can choose your own colours by clicking on the boxes:
Text Colour
QR Code Colour
then; clicking on the Colour Palette to choose!
Be sure to move the > arrow slider on the right hand side for colour depth.


Please download the code and save to your device!

If you have already selected your personalized code frequencies

E-mail us a copy of your code so we can imprint it with the required quantum resonances!

Email:  office [at] quantum code [dot] org  

As soon as you hear back from us, your personalized code is imprinted and ready for use....

See Application Instructions here...


If you would prefer a code with a visual background of your choice.  There's a small charge for this service: 
Let us know the requested type of image or send us a picture to:
office [at] quantumcode [dot] org

We also need the following details:

For Visual Codes only

Visual Code Service

$ 15 USD