Application of Codes

There are 3 primary methods for application of "Quantum Resonance" codes
1 & 2 require the Code to be printed & preferably laminated.

1. Place glass of pure water on the code for 10 minutes and then drink. (Other beverages may be substituted) Drink the glass of informed water 1-3 times per day depending on symptoms.

2. Carry code with you, or place under pillow at night.

3. Embed code in your device screen saver, wallpaper, or desktop background.

The codes must be in their original form with no marks or creases so that they will transmit the quantum resonance!

If you would like to test the action of the codes before using, please do so via this link

Why use these Codes?

Please take a moment to consider the limited range of the Electromagnetic radiation spectrum detectable to the human eye and perceived as visible light.  We only perceive wavelengths between 380 nanometres and 760 nm (400-790 terahertz) !
If that common scientific fact doesn't make you second guess the illusory senses and sensory data for a ""higher power"", nothing will.

"According to some scientists, the electromagnetic spectrum makes up only 0.005 % of what exists in the universe as mass/matter."  David Icke - The Perception Deception

Biological balance is a key technology of the future.  The term “bio-balance” is used here to describe the fundamental structural order of a living system also called the blue print of life.

In Biophysics this order is seen as the underlying basis for all physical, chemical and biological processes.
The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body's specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.  Why is this a necessity in this day and age?  Because we are surrounded by Chemical, Pollutant & Electromagnetic poisoning!!!  Our holistic biological balance systems are subject to an inordinate increase of illness and disease! 

The inherent problem of 'Western' medicinal science is that practitioners are not trained to treat (or even acknowledge) the electromagnetic, energetic body.  The Indians in their Aryuveda treat the 'Chakra Body'.  The Chinese Traditional Medicine sages treat the Meridian Body of Energy channels.  Traditional Healers the world over treat the holistically integrated body-mind-spirit being - yet in their ignorance modern physicians lost in the erroneous concrete Newtonian belief system still operate via a disease based anatomical system of "health"  while banning herbal and holistic practices carte blanche!

However quantum truth definitively tells us that matter - is preceded by energy, that is produced from information!  The field of epigenetics aligns with the physics that consciousness governs matter!   Our energetic bodies have been described as a dissipative structure of standing waves, comparable to a cavity resonator.  The resonant frequencies of this energetic body oscillate to control the body's functions on different levels (cell level, organ level, and brain level) and thus control the whole organism. 

Extensive research by our company Bio Balance Tec in Switzerland and Germany have resulted in our determining the optimum frequencies for human beings.  Our codes are thus geared to enhance and regulate the total well being of the person at all levels.  They also provide protection against factors that may impair health or compromise optimum performance.