Quantum Harmonization & Disease Counteracting Frequencies

Please Select from the lists of Frequencies to be imprinted into your own "Quantum Resonance" Code

We will also include the highly recommended Water Harmonizer frequency at no extra cost.
The top 15 frequencies - indicated by pictures - are all harmonization frequencies for bio-compatiblity and quantum field resonance.

The A-Z lists of health problems are disease counteracting frequencies.

Please choose all relevant frequencies for your personalized code!
You may select up to 15 items per code.
12.5 cents per day / range!    All Quantum Resonance Club members receive a 20% discount.

Note: For the following categories, please order separately (1 topic per code):

Monoatomic Gold
Drug Side Effects
Good Sleep
Horse, Cat, Dog Health

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

When making selections; encoding = monthly
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