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The team here at Quantum Code have put decades of research and scientific application, countless testing and trialling into action for the benefit of all.  The methods of tuning and coding were honed and perfected in Germany and Switzerland. 

The potential for individuals and opportunities for companies are greater than most realize and we enjoy working with all those interested in new horizons. Ultimately we represent the innumerable frequencies and vibrations that make up the quantum field.  We have dedicated our services to developing innovative methods to utilize these perfect original blueprints and fundamental elemental codes to benefit all.

The principle of bio-resonance recognizes that a living body's specific frequencies can be stimulated and stabilized by external signals.

The special process of Quantum Code works through energetic information relay via Quantum Resonance Codes.  At their deepest molecular level these trans-material catalysts or quantum mediums are stimulated to transport and impart specific information complying exactly with the required needs.