The Quantum Healing paradigm offers incredible opportunities for holistic advance and transformation.  Quantum Method represents a bridge of information between the "Quantum Field" and every individual.  This science taps into the Ground of Being and recognizes the integrated nature of the natural world, the multiverse, and ourselves.

We offer cutting edge QR - "Quantum Resonance" Codes attuned with specific frequencies that help to enhance our natural and innate connection between us and our primordial blueprint.

In the modern environment, clouded by electromagnetic, nuclear and chemical pollution, quantum harmonization is a necessity.  Our Codes are geared toward commercial products and technological devices so that consumers and users may have a remedial safeguard.

“It's called the Unified Field, or Superstring Field: a single universal field of intelligence, an ocean of existence at the basis of everything; mind and matter."
"All the so-called particles of the universe, the forces in our universe, everything in the universe are just ripples on that ocean of existence. That's the Unified Field, and that Field is a non-material field. Planets, trees, people, animals: we're all just waves of vibration of this underlying, unified Superstring field.”  - Dr. John Hagelin. Maharishi.

We use the well known and recognizable "QR" (Quick Response) codes for their information storage capacity.  The codes on our wallpapers and throughout this website have been energetically imprinted to function as a quantum field antenna.  They translate and “ground” the preexisting information blueprint.  Thus informed, and tailored to suit our clients, we use the term "Quantum Resonance Codes".

Like Tesla taught, primordial, integral, omniversal frequencies are always available.  We use QR codes as a 'tether' or 'mast' in a vast ocean of frequency.  Essentially perfect quantum blueprint information goes beyond space and time limitation.  Our relationship with innate universal truth governs our destiny.

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